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 There is always a growing Askverse undercurrent in the world at large, but when the stealth science of rational argument and scientific discourse comes along and agrees with us all... well.  wavy gravy all over the place, man.

 In the 53rd there no longer being elected heads of religion or ursine mammals to use as a guarantee of instantaneous obviousness the world had to become more open about it all. I mean, does The Captain seduce at the drop of a hat ( or a snip of a thong ) or what..  

Comic Sans will make you smarter kottke.org/11/01/comic-sans-will-make-you-smarter

and yes, we used it all over the place IN GLITTER.




I think  it's scary how some people can get in your brain and talk just like yourself.

T, what do you think?  Can we cosy up and discuss this over Nu-tee and fresh toast, I'm famished poppet.

I said it was unusual but good.

Gareth is thinking about the setup too much for someone who doesn't have an interest in directing.

Now that I have your attention,...



The excellent robling_thas captured a madness here.  Find the werewolf within on her pages  ..here..Collapse ) as well.  T darling of darlings don't worry at all about it,  it's an AU where we have never even met so don't worry, I still adore you lots babe. Can you get milk on the way home thanks. And for Gods' sake any and all if you pass by here would you leave a comment or something to let me know I am not alone thanks.http://community.livejournal.com/s4_see/579.html#cutid1

Follow this link http://fanlore.org/wiki/Category:Stubs  and find how the AskVerse is described.  Fun on a pixel, people!

Be careful what you wish for, people, asking to be expanded can have weird side effects...

Jul. 31st, 2009

RedScharlasch did this ages ago, but there is a feeling of a certain AskVersed-ness about the tone of the whole thing.  Go read and praise her, praise her.

Humour, it's like irony and goldy and bronzy, but harder to keep and even harder to create.

Worship at the RedScahrlasch altar. EVEN THOUGH I AM ABSENT FROM THISCollapse )

Our Gwen Wrote This.

This is a fixitTW3 fic, or a post TW3 fic or something.  Quite frankly whan I saw who wrote it I just linked it for you.  Nuff said.
AskVerse Gwen says Collapse )

Fic that has our meme?

Six Word Fic Examples

It is true that the six word story is an art-form that has its own general comm on LJ.  Any TW six word fic will do.

If you doubt that the scifi form of this exists, read this and become inspired.


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